4th International Symposium on Innovation and Technology in the Phosphate Industry
From May 8th to 10th, 2017 – Ben Guérir - UM6P Congress Center


About / Themes


>>   Geology, New phosphate/minerals extraction technologies.

>>   Mineral beneficiation.

>>   Recent technical of mine rehabilitation.

>>   Phosphoric acid,

>>   Sulfuric acid,

>>   Purification,

>>   Recovery and valorization of elements: Rares earth, iodine, uranium, fluoride, etc

>>   New agricultural products, special and smart fertilizers/Bio fertilization

>>   Management of African soils (Fertility map, soil salinity) and new methods used to identify soil qualities and soil needs

>>   Transformation of African Agriculture: technology implications and implementation

>>   Agriculture of the future: researchers developing new technologies and crops

>>   Climate change and agricultural opportunities: New production systems, Examples of good practice.

>>   Innovative phosphate technologies involving: micro-equipment, nanotechnologies

>>   Process intensification and enhanced performances

>>   New and innovative operating modes of production with existing equipment’s

>>   Digital data

>>   Sustainable productivity growth, value chains.

>>   Industrial Maintenance

>>   New Materials based phosphate

>>   Corrosion, Protection systems

>>   Ammonia

>>   Sulphur

>>   Water, Destination

>>   Waste treatment, zero waste, recycling

>>   Innovative renewable Energy uses

>>   Managing/valorizing sludges, phosphogypsum