4th International Symposium on Innovation and Technology in the Phosphate Industry
From May 8th to 10th, 2017 – Ben Guérir - UM6P Congress Center


SYMPHOS 2011 / Program SYMPHOS 2011

Program SYMPHOS 2011

The 1st edition of the Symposium was a success in all aspects.

The first factual results and impressions drawn from this first edition are more than positive at all levels, vision, approach, contents and organization. A strong demand and interest for the perpetuation of this initiative were strongly felt on the behalf of all the participants.
As a simple indicator, the participant's answers to the evaluation card questions:
  1. 98% rated the program as excellent and are satisfied with SYMPHOS,
  2. 100% of the participants intend to return to the next edition.
The organization of this first edition is obviously not an end in itself, but a major step which had to be successful so that we can make of SYMPHOS a meeting point of excellence for the industrialists of this sector.
We also managed to mobilize high level experts and convince them to participate. They moderated lectures on current topics with innovative approaches and contributions.
During this first edition, we also diversified and innovated in terms of proposals and debates mechanics as well as the exchange possibilities among the participants.
In figures, SYMPHOS 2011 was characterized by:
  1. Scheduling the entire set of technical topics related to our industry,
  2. Hosting more than 800 participants coming from almost 40 countries,
  3. Delivery of more than 114 oral presentations,
  4. Presentation of 6 plenary lectures and 15 key notes,
  5. Holding 8 workshops relating to current issues highly significant for the phosphate industry,
  6. Scheduling 4 Novelty shows,
  7. Organizing 73 exhibition booths,
  8. Holding and programming 150 B-to-B meetings, along with direct meetings at the various booths and the other spaces planned for this purpose.
SYMPHOS's success is indebted to, and finds also its origin in the image and the notoriety of OCP in the phosphate industry.



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